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Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course

Our Golf Design Services

AV GOLF DESIGN offers comprehensive and customized solutions for Golf Course Design & Architecture in India, providing end-to-end services. With a pioneering approach, we specialize in creating Golf Centric Real Estate Developments that prioritize sustainability and commercial viability.

Our expertise lies in delivering world-class golf course designs that are tailored to each site, ensuring they meet and exceed our clients' expectations. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver exceptional results, meeting the unique needs of every project.

Our Golf Course Design services are equipped for Championship Golf Courses, Public Golf Courses, Private Golf Clubs, Golf Resorts, Golf Townships to meet respective requirements of Clients and create lifetime experience for golfers and non golfers alike. 

List of all Golf Design & Development Services
  • Site Review

  • Due Diligence 

  • Project Assessment

  • Golf Business Studies

  • Preliminary Concept Planning

  • Long Term Master Plans

  • Routing Plan

  • Land Planning

  • Cost Analysis

  • Cost Value Reviews

  • Construction Reviews

  • Contracts Management

  • Review Construction Drawings

  • Preliminary and Final Approvals

  • Staking Plans

  • Clearing Plans

  • Grading Plans

  • Drainage Plans

  • Erosion Control Management

  • Engineering/Environmental Coordination

  • Golf Course Feature Details Plans

  • Irrigation Plans

  • Soft & Hardscape Plans

  • Grassing & Sodding Plans

  • Landscape Design

  • Specification Documentation

  • Tender Documents

  • Tender Bidding & Evaluation

  • Detailed Cost Estimates & Budgeting

  • Agronomic and Pre-Opening Consulting

  • Marketing & PR Consulting

  • Grand Opening of the Golf Course

"AV GOLF DESIGN is focused on developing sustainable, environment friendly & commercially viable Golf Courses in India."

Although the projects are different, there are important similarities in their approach to planning, development, or transformation. We work with our clients to find creative solutions that improve their facilities and enhance their business models.

Providing a more engaging, challenging and enjoyable golf experience for an increasingly diverse range of players is essential, but meeting maintenance and sustainability requirements is the priority.

Detailed Golf Course Masterplan 

The detailed Masterplan will depict all key features of the course, including hole centre-lines, tees, greens, fairways, bunkers, water features and feature vegetation. The plan will depict the course within its supporting facilities and development infrastructure, provided in CAD by masterplanners and infrastructure engineers.


In developing the Golf Course Masterplan, we will incorporate Client responses in consultation with the relevant team members and consultants. We will also implement AV GOLF Design philosophies.


  • variety and balance in the length, orientation and playing strategy of holes.

  • balance of shot values, varying them continuously throughout the course.

  • the inducement for golfers to create new shots and skills.

  • creation of a course that can be played by golfers of all ability levels.

  • maintainable golf course.

  • sufficiently undulating greens and fairways but no hill climbing.  

  • every hole with a different character

  • minimum of blindness for the approach shots.  

  • infinite variety in the strokes to play the various holes.

These theoretical, practical and technical golfing requirements are assimilated with the aesthetic qualities of the site to produce a golf course of quality, character and exceptional natural beauty.

"Golf is not just a sport; it is a versatile pastime for people of all ages and abilities. AV GOLF DESIGN advocates for golf facilities that foster skill improvement, unrestricted enjoyment, and opportunities for friendly competition.

Shorter versions of golf courses, such as Par 3 Courses, Chip & Putt Courses, and Putting Courses, have gained significance in the game. Mr. Aashish Vaishnava actively promotes the development of these courses to enhance the sport's popularity among recreational golfers in India.

We believe that venue diversity is crucial for attractiveness, structure, and future growth of golf facilities.

Short setups often go unnoticed, despite providing entertainment for golfers of all levels and accommodating the demands of modern lifestyles. They serve as an excellent introduction to the game for beginners and a stepping stone for less experienced players. Whether as standalone courses or additions to longer ones, they create a relaxed environment for families and groups to play together.

Smaller golf courses require less maintenance and offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution compared to longer courses.

We, as designers, strive to challenge conventions and introduce new concepts that provide golfers with a fun and unforgettable experience, embracing the diverse ways in which golf can be enjoyed."


Golf Course

AV Golf ReDesign Services
Provide Exciting Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Our approach to Golf Course ReDesign is centered around recreating the ultimate golfing experience. At AV GOLF DESIGN, we offer world-class redesign services for existing Golf Courses, taking into account various factors such as the condition of the course, client requirements, player expectations, and most importantly, sustainability.

Here are the key steps we follow in our Golf Course ReDesign process:

  1. Researching and reviving the original design intent and style using historical images and draft surveys.

  2. Enhancing playability for modern games, considering advancements in equipment.

  3. Identifying and addressing critical issues related to maintenance, drainage, and irrigation.

  4. Enhancing playability and strategic elements of the course by leveraging improved game gear.

  5. Maximizing the functionality of the site while prioritizing environmental values and sustainability.

  6. Undertaking major redesign and reconstruction of golf course features and holes as part of rerouting or planning proposals.

  7. Developing and enhancing site characteristics while promoting ecological and environmental values.

  8. Repositioning and rebranding the course in the market as a new and improved golfing destination.

At AV GOLF DESIGN, we are dedicated to transforming existing golf courses into exceptional and sustainable venues that meet the evolving needs of golfers and exceed their expectations.

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