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• We are answerable for our decisions.
• We take actions in the best interests of the project.
• "We do what We say, We will do".
• When We make errors or omissions, We take ownership, accept accountability for any resultant consequences and make corrections promptly.

RESPECT: Respect is our duty to show a high regard for others, and the resources entrusted to us including people, money, reputation & other resources.

INTEGRITY: We act objectively, honestly & diligently, to the best of our knowledge and experience.
• Unbiased recommendations / advise.
• We protect proprietary of confidential information, business affairs or technical processes that has been entrusted to us.

FAIRNESS: Fairness is our duty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively.

HONESTY: Honesty is our duty to understand the truth and act in a truthful manner both in our communications and in our conduct.

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