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AV Golf Design is a distinguished golf course design and architecture firm known for creating exceptional golfing experiences worldwide. With a passionate team of architects, designers, and golf enthusiasts, we deliver innovative and visually stunning golf courses that captivate players of all skill levels.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, we understand the artistry and strategic elements that make a golf course truly remarkable. Through a personalized and hands-on approach, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their unique vision, goals, and site-specific considerations.

Our designs go beyond aesthetics, integrating cutting-edge technology, industry best practices, and sustainable principles. By respecting the natural landscape and preserving ecological integrity, our golf courses seamlessly blend with the environment, offering breathtaking views and contributing to the overall health of the surrounding ecosystem.

Balancing tradition and innovation, our designs pay homage to the game's rich history while incorporating modern elements that enhance playability. With meticulous attention to detail, we create strategic layouts that challenge and provide an enjoyable experience, promoting skill development and player satisfaction.

AV Golf Design is committed to delivering projects that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and client satisfaction. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of golf course design, from concept development to construction oversight and post-project support. We prioritize effective communication, transparency, and collaboration throughout the entire process.

Whether it's a championship course, resort facility, or driving range, our passion, expertise, and creativity shine through in every project. Our designs are sought-after by golf enthusiasts and recognized by industry professionals for their excellence and attention to detail.

With AV Golf Design as your partner, you can expect a unique and tailored golf course design that embodies your vision, respects the environment, and delivers an exceptional golfing experience that exceeds expectations.


Although each Golf project is different, as experts in the field of Golf Course Design & Development, we follow a standard process to provide the best consulting services to our clients: 

STEP   1 -   Initial meeting with Owners, Project Architects & Consultants
STEP   2 -   Site Visit & Feasibility Analysis
STEP   3 -   Project Conceptualisation & Preliminary Planning
STEP   4 -   Golf Course Masterplanning
STEP   5 -   Masterplan changes & amendments
STEP   6 -   Finalisation of Masterplan
STEP   7 -   Govt. authorities approval
STEP   8 -   Detailed design work & Specifications
STEP   9 -   Contractor Bidding & Negotiations
STEP 10 -   Golf Course Construction
STEP 11 -   Grow-in & Plantation
STEP 12 -   Golf Course Opening

AV GOLF DESIGN combines the Art of Golf Course Design and the Science of Golf Course Construction to create exceptional golf courses. With expertise in site evaluation, feasibility analysis, project conceptualization, and execution drawings, the firm ensures sustainable and commercially viable golf courses. Their involvement spans from initial stages to the formal opening of the golf course.


  • Golf Course Site Analysis & Feasibility

  • Golf Course Design & Architecture

  • Golf Course Development Planning & Management

  • Golf Course Remodeling & Renovation

  • Golf Course Redevelopment & Reconstruction Coordination

  • Golf Driving Range Design & Development

  • Golf Course Operations & Maintenance

  • Golf Club Operations Management


  • AV GOLF DESIGN: India's premier Golf Design Company with 20+ years of experience

  • Creating Golf Courses that embody the perfect blend of Art & Science

  • Expertise in Golf Course Design, Construction, and Management

  • Focus on sustainable and commercially viable Golf Course development

  • Involvement in every stage: Site evaluation, Feasibility, Conceptualization, Design, Agronomy, and Opening

  • Combining appealing concept layouts with technically sound construction drawings

  • Management expertise to ensure long-term sustainability and success

  • A trusted partner from start to finish, delivering comprehensive Golf Design & Architectural services



  • Golf Course Site Analysis & Feasibility

  • Golf Course Design & Architecture

  • Golf Course Construction Management

  • Golf Course Remodeling & Renovation

  • Golf Course Redevelopment & Reconstruction

  • Golf Driving Range Design & Development

  • Golf Course Operations & Maintenance

  • Golf Club Operations Management

  • Golf Course Feasibility Reports & Studies

  • Cost Estimation & Financial Feasibility

  • Lake Design & Development

  • Grow-in Maintenance

  • Pre-Opening Consultancy

  • Maintenance Center Design and Layout Consulting

  • Golf Course ReDesign & Remodeling

  • Golf Course Reconstruction Management

  • Waste Land Management

  • Effluent Water Use

  • Reforestation

  • Drainage Systems

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Turf-grass Selection

  • Soil Science

  • Construction Management

  • Earthworks

  • Cut & Fill Calculations

  • Excavation Designs

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Environment Management and related issues




  • Renowned as one of India's premier Golf Designers & Architects

  • Exceptional quality service delivered at a reasonable price

  • A commitment to sustainability, making golf course construction viable

  • Client-centric approach, incorporating their vision and ideas into the design and development process

  • Emphasis on quality and sustainability for a successful Golf business

  • Treat clients' projects as our own, striving to create construction marvels appreciated by all

  • Alliance with AV GOLF DESIGN ensures peace of mind throughout the design, construction, operations, and maintenance phases

  • Turnkey solutions for a profitable Golf business without any hassles

  • Strong belief in keeping promises and delivering results

  • Going the extra mile to ensure total client satisfaction

  • Reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective Golf Design & Development Consulting Services

"A Golf Course should be designed for all. Fun to play; difficult to score."


~ Mr. Aashish Vaishnava Golf Course Architect

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