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Enhancing Golf Communities: The Power of Adjacent Real Estate Development


Introduction: Adjacent real estate development refers to the strategic planning and construction of residential or commercial properties in close proximity to a golf course. In recent years, there has been a notable trend in which over 50% of newly developed golf courses are seamlessly integrated into resort-oriented real estate projects or residential communities. This approach not only adds significant value to the properties but also enhances the overall experience for residents or guests, offering a unique lifestyle that combines the beauty of golf with the convenience of adjacent living or commercial spaces.

Creating a Harmonious Relationship: The key to successful real estate development adjacent to a golf course lies in establishing a harmonious relationship between the golf course and the surrounding properties. When thoughtfully planned and executed, the combination of golf and residential or commercial spaces can complement each other, contributing to the overall character and appeal of the development. It is essential to strike the right balance between the demands of the golf course and the needs of the residents or commercial users, ensuring a cohesive and enriching environment for all.

Understanding the Golf and Residential Marketplace: To achieve a seamless integration, a deep understanding of both the golf and residential marketplace is crucial. AV Golf Design, a leading expert in the field, possesses the expertise and knowledge to plan and coordinate with architects and other professionals, creating the best possible residential or commercial real estate in conjunction with the golf course. By leveraging their extensive experience and insights, they can navigate the complexities of the golf and residential markets to ensure a successful and appealing development.

Maximizing the Potential: At AV Golf Design, the focus is on maximizing the potential of adjacent real estate by considering the unique features of the site and incorporating them into a well-designed composition. By taking into account factors such as topography, views, and landscape, the team can create a harmonious blend of golf and living spaces. This careful integration ensures that residents or commercial users can enjoy the benefits of both worlds, with easy access to world-class golf facilities and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Creating a Cohesive and Enriching Environment: The ultimate goal of adjacent real estate development is to create a cohesive and enriching environment that seamlessly blends the beauty of the golf course with the comfort and convenience of nearby residential or commercial spaces. AV Golf Design's expertise in planning and coordination ensures that the development aligns with the vision and objectives of the project, resulting in a harmonious and successful blend of golf and living spaces.


Adjacent real estate development has emerged as a powerful trend in the golf industry, offering tremendous value and enhanced experiences for residents or guests. By creating a harmonious relationship between the golf course and surrounding properties, and leveraging a deep understanding of the golf and residential marketplace, AV Golf Design leads the way in crafting exceptional developments that maximize the potential of adjacent real estate. With their expertise, golf communities can flourish, providing an unparalleled lifestyle that seamlessly combines the joys of golf with the convenience of adjacent living or commercial spaces.

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