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The International Design Group deals with all aspects of the design, development and consultancy of purpose built residential, commercial and sports communities predominantly those involving golf.

The company was established to provide the best, most honest advice and assistance to new and existing facilities. Masterplans vary from small urban regeneration projects through to enormous sites for new cities. The various disciplines integrate seamlessly to provide a single point of design responsibility for even the largest developments. The group comprises the following companies:

International Golf Design creates stunning, memorable and strategic golf courses on the world stage but we also offer an extensive array of consultancy services. We have worked for many golfing organisations, Professional Golfers Associations, local government departments and have even advised National Governments. International Golf Design is proud to be the Official Supplier of Golf Design Services to the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland. With our service, you can be sure of a level of quality and service synonymous with those of the oldest and most famous PGA in the world.

In today's world of maximised property values, we realise new methods of delivering extraordinary work for the best possible fee are required. Our association with AV GOLF INTERNATIONAL delivers a locally sensitive, world class product for the right fee.


Amongst many others, IGD offers the following services:

  • Concept Golf Design & Architecture

  • Detailed Golf Course Architecture

  • Golf Refurbishment and Redesign Work

  • Golf Remodelling & Renovation

  • Tender Administration

  • Construction Supervision

  • Visiting Inspection

  • Pre-opening Services

  • Clubhouse Design

  • Driving Range Architecture

  • Maintenance Building Architecture

  • Feasibility & Cost Planning

  • Business & Safety Audits

  • Maintenance and Operations Audits

  • Expert Witness

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