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Several terms refer to the type of golf course which may be developed.

a) Par 3

• each hole has a par of 3

b) Executive

• mostly par 3 holes with a maximum par for the course rarely exceeding 64

• par 4's are usually under 365 m (400 yd.)

• par 5's are seldom designed into executive courses

• very popular with beginners, high handicappers, seniors and players with limited time

c) Regulation

• usually a total par of 70 to 72

• length of course is over 5,500 m (6,000 yd.) and usually over 6,000 m (6,500 yd.) from the back


d) Championship

• a term which is often misused

• length has too often been the criteria used to denote a “championship” golf course when it should actually be a combination of length, challenge, playability and aesthetics

• capable of accommodating major tournaments

e) Public

• course is available for public play

• usually not as difficult to play and generally designed for faster play and easy maintenance - bunkers may not be as deep or as numerous, water is less prevalent and fairways are wider

f) Private

• played by members and guests

• fast play and easy maintenance are not usually as high a priority as the challenge of the design and quality of the turf

g) Resort

• associated with accommodation and other amenities

• aesthetics are of prime importance, which is accomplished through the artistic use of retaining walls, sand colour, plant material, fairway contouring, views and vistas and general course maintenance. Speed of play is important, which is enhanced by short rough, hazards positioned to penalize primarily the low handicapper and a lack of underbrush in treed areas.


The amount of land required for the development of the golf course will depend on several factors:

• type of course

• number of holes

• configuration of property

• severity of contours

• tree cover

• amount of usable land

• additional amenities, e.g. a large practice fairway.

For a regulation-length 18-hole golf course of at least 6,200 m (6,800 yd.), the usable area should be 55 to 60 ha (140 to 150 Acre.). This will provide adequate room for playability and safety. An executive course requires 30 to 40 ha (75 to 100 Acre.), while a course with eighteen par threes can be laid out on 25 ha (60 A.) or less.


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