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The society and community is always benefited by a well designed sustainable golf course. Sustainable golf courses protects the flora & fauna. The conservation and management of our natural resources are increasingly valued and recognised to preserve our natural environment.

As Golf Architects & Designers we take the responsibility to protect the environment while developing golf courses which are not only sustainable but also adding value to the developer.

A sustainable golf course

  • improves air quality and moderates temperature

  • protects water resources

  • protects flora & fauna

  • promotes native landscape environment

  • preserves open spaces

  • vegetates the urban environment

  • provides shelter to wild life

  • protects topsoil from erosion

  • rehabilitates degraded landscapes

  • utilises and treats water resources like sewage, stormwater and runoff

  • promotes rain water harvesting

  • beautifies the environment

  • promotes more plantation of trees and shrubs

  • covers more land with grass


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