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Golf Course Requirements in short

- Golf courses range in size from 35 to 80 hectares but typically take 50 to 60 hectares. More than half of this on average, forms the comparatively unmanaged areas between the fairways.

- There are 9, 18 or 27 holes, consisting of one to five tees, a fairway often with bunkers, and a green.

- Tees and greens consist of flat areas of closely mown grass, each making up around 1-2% of the total area of the course.

- The fairways are the areas for play between the tee and the green, up to 400 metres in length and typically taking 10-15 hectares of the course in total.

- Most courses need a clubhouse. These range from little more than toilets, an office and a snack bar/shop to a country club and hotel.

- Some courses have small service buildings on the course; starters’ buildings, halfway houses and toilets.

- All courses need a maintenance building usually 25m x 10m. Outside, there is a hard standing area, of at least the same size as the building.

- Courses require a road and path network to provide access to the course, clubhouse and maintenance buildings.

- Cart paths may be required in larger and especially tournament courses.

- Car parking is an essential requirement and varies in volume according to the type of the course.

- Virtually every course will have an irrigation system which will require a water source and pump facility. In many instances, this involves a winter storage reservoir and a pump house.


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